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Colombia Huila Valencia - Washed - Green Beans

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So you think you've had great Colombian coffee before . . this one may make you re-think Colombian. Colombia Huila Valencia comes from South Huila region of SW Colombia including towns of Gigante, Garzon, Acevedo, Brusselas, and Pitalito. The average farm size is just 6 hectares. Huila Valencia is grown at a high altitude of 1400-1800 meters. The climate is equatorial mountain, with 2 wet and 2 dry seasons per year. The cultivars are Caturra and Variedad Colombia. This coffee is wet processed and then 100% sun dried. The Valencia family has been a mainstay in the coffee collecting and processing business in Huila for nearly 30 years. During this period, they have quietly discovered the finest growing regions in the state. Depending on a tight network of collecting stations strategically spread throughout Huila, they are able to consistently bring in top notch coffee. Being a small, quality oriented operation, Valencia does not ship out coffee year round. They only ship out fresh coffee in the 3 to 4 month windows following the 2 annual Colombian harvests. Fresh roasted Huila Valencia is truly not your everyday cup of Juan Valdez' Colombian.

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Colombia Huila Valencia - Green Beans - 8 oz

Colombia Huila Valencia - Green Beans - 16 oz

Colombia Huila Valencia - Green Beans - 48 oz

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