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Sumatra Lintong Grade 1 - Semi-Washed - Green Beans

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Sumatran Arabica LINTONG Grade 1, jade blue green coffee beans.

This coffee is hand picked, semi-washed or wet hulled and double sorted. This coffee comes from the growing region of Aceh, Takengon located in Northern Sumatra near the shores of Lake Toba. Sumatran green coffee is a deep blue green color with the appearance of jade. It is known for it's earthy, deep, complex, full-body along with a low acidity smoothness that is hard to find elsewhere in that combination. This coffee is grown at 1300-1800 meters and has a great richness along with subtle hints of tobacco.

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Sumatra Lintong Grade 1 - Green Beans - 8 oz

Sumatra Lintong Grade 1 - Green Beans - 16 oz
SKU: SL-16-G

Sumatra Lintong Grade 1 - Green Beans - 48 oz
SKU: SL-48-G

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