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Ethiopia Chelektu Yirga Cheffe - Washed - Green Beans

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This most excellent high rated coffee comes from Ethiopia's Chelektu washing station. It is a wet washed high end Yirga Cheffe coffee, comprised of local Ethiopia cultivars, but it also has a pleasantly and distinctly different flavor profile with medium intensity, clear and clean fruit, refined sweetness with floral notes, spice accents and citrus. Jasmine and violet floral scents are very evident along with ginger, spice, malt and honey. The floral jasmine tea notes and gingerbread spice accent are clear in the cup, along with a tart bracing lemony acidity, providing toned and piquant character. Honey and caramelized sugar are the foundation for it's spicy sweetness, a distinct sweetness, kept in check, not becoming an overwhelming sweetness. Flavors also moderated by bergamot like citrus, just like the bracing notes of an Earl Grey tea. Body is more light than heavy but yet increases as cup cools, with waxy mouthfeel and nice lingering afternotes. Overall a very aromatic, nuanced, yet distinct cup. It's not an ultra powerful or aggressive coffee but is delightful and very engaging. *****  Yumm!

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