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Panama Bambito Estate - Washed - Roasted

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High scoring 86 SCAA graded coffee (Specialty Coffee Association of America). Previous Bambito Estate coffee has finished number 2 in famed Panama cupping competition behind only the very pricey yet awesome Panama Esmeralda Gesha.

This is APRE de BAMBITO Estate Specialty Coffee from the famed Chiriqui Region of Panama most of it situated at 1400-1500 meters. This coffee varietal is 50% Caturra and 50% Catuai and is grown at Finca Bambito located at 1700 meters. This coffee after grinding has a nice dry fragrance with delicate hints of walnut and meyer lemon while the wet aroma is more suggestive of the musky spiciness of a darjeeling tea. Nice well rounded body that will even stand up to heavy hitters of Indonesian origin. It is at once very uniform, clean, and sweet making this a very composed and balanced cup.

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Panama Bambito Estate - Roasted 8 oz

Panama Bambito Estate - Roasted 16 oz

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