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Tanzania Mbeya Mshikamano - Roasted

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Medium intensity, herbaceous, clean, sweet, white wine-like nice acidity with floral notes and creaminess. Bright flavor profile but with nice body as well. The Mshikamano farmer group is located in Bara village, in the Mbozi district of the Mbeya region. Approximately 317 farming households contributed to this amazing lot of washed coffee beans. These coffee farms are at approximately 5,000 - 6,500 ft above sea level (1524-1980 meters). Unique flavor boasts a herbaceous hibiscus tea like flavor, having a very clean mouthfeel with a white wine-like acidity, a refined sugar sweetness balances all the while singing bright morning bird songs. In a foamy capuccino  or with cream the mouthfeel is even more buttery, while almond emerges and it's sweet flavor may suggest that of maple candies.

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Tanzia Mbeya Mshikamano - Roasted - 8 oz

Tanzia Mbeya Mshikamano - Roasted - 16 oz

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